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Antique Cartel Clocks

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Antique Cartel Clocks

Quintessential examples of Parisian style and elegance and representative of the major trends in the French decorative arts, throughout the 18th century and the early part of the following century, antique cartel clocks count among the most decorative of luxury antique wall clocks, and are much appreciated by connoisseurs of fine antique horology. The category includes “cartels d’alcove”, which were intended to grace smaller, more intimate rooms such as bedchambers. They also hung on the walls of larger spaces such as reception rooms. Cartels provide a striking and elegant focal point to a room.

La Pendulerie Paris offers a selection of exceptional cartels, all carefully chosen for their rarity, the beauty and harmony of their design, the extraordinary quality of their chasing and gilding, and their general authenticity and overall state of preservation, as well as the beauty and authenticity of their dials and the excellent condition of their movements.