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Antique Regulator Clocks

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Antique Regulator Clocks

The quintessence of luxury horology during the late 18th and early 19th centuries,  antique regulator clocks are extremely precise timepieces that were created due to the quest for ever-greater accuracy. Their regularity and reliability meant that they were often used to set the other clocks in a household. The antique regulator clocks offered by La Pendulerie are among the finest in the category.

While antique regulator clocks are often housed in sober, straight-lined wooden cases, the better to showcase their high-precision movements, some examples are more decorative, featuring beautiful gilt bronze mounts and ornaments. Sometimes with added features such as astronomic indications or equation of time, these timekeepers include floor-standing clocks, or “parquet regulators”(antique longcase clocks), as well as desk regulators, timepieces meant to be placed on a desk. Designed and created by the finest artisans of the day, these clocks, which bear witness to the continuing quest for ever-greater precision in timekeeping, as well as ever-greater esthetic beauty, count among the most extraordinary pieces offered by La Pendulerie.