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Rare Antique Clocks and Antique Art

About us and our luxury clocks

La Pendulerie is the ultimate source for antique horology and exceptional decorative bronzes.

We offer an exclusive selection of exquisite, rare, and finely executed antique mantel clocks, antique cartels clocks, antique skeleton clocks,  french empire mantel clock, antique precision regulator clocks, 18th century french clock, 19th century french clocks, rigorously chosen for their beauty and authenticity, as well as for their original design and the complexity of their mechanisms.

We also present a selection of preeminent art works, including exceptional bronze furnishings such as candlesticks, antique candelabras, firedogs, bronze-mounted objects and french empire crystal chandeliers, all of which have conserved their original gilding.

La Pendulerie’s preferred period ranges over a century and a half, from the middle of the reign of King Louis XIV to the Bourbon restoration (1680-1830). However, certain exceptionally creative and imaginative later works, often made for International Exhibitions or on special request by connoisseurs, are included in our exclusive selection.


A success based on the traditional “métiers d’art”

La Pendulerie had gained renown, not only among lovers of fine, luxury and rare horology who appreciated its technical mastery and expertise in the decorative arts, but also among a wider audience. Soon, thanks to its technical mastery and expertise in the field of the decorative arts, it came to be one of the most famous galleries of antique clocks, both in France and abroad.

La Pendulerie owes its reputation to the mastery of all the horological skills and crafts, which are carried out under its own roof by exceptional artisans.

The excellent reputation of La Pendulerie’s restoration workshop has earned it many commissions, both for world-renowned public institutions such as the Paris Musée des Arts et Métiers, and for important private collectors and the general public. La Pendulerie welcomes visitors who seek advice on the care of their antiques, or wish to restore an object whose sentimental value may be greater than its actual monetary worth.