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Paire de bougeoirs à têtes d’Egyptiennes


Paris, Empire period, circa 1805

Height28.5 cm Diamètre13.5 cm

The present pair of candlesticks, in finely chased gilt bronze, has tapering stems decorated with nemes-coiffed Egyptian heads, stars, and bands with stylised friezes; the nozzles, with flaring bases, are adorned with palmette friezes; the drip-pans are embellished with fretted bands. The round bases, embellished with gadrooning and stylised leaves, are accentuated by cord and leaf friezes.

The design of these candlesticks, and particularly their tapering quiver-shaped stems, is related to that of several models created in Paris during the last quarter of the 18th century. Such candlesticks were very popular during the Empire period, both in France and abroad, and particularly in Russia, where during the first third of the 19th century bronziers created many variations on the theme. One such pair is illustrated in I. Sychev, The Russian Chandeliers 1760-1830, Editions PVBR, 2003, p. 191, fig. 967.