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François Meyer


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François Meyer was one of the most talented Parisian clockmakers of his time. In 1776, after becoming a master, he opened a workshop in the Place du Palais Royal from 1778 to 1783, and then in the Quai de Conti in 1789. He rapidly gained renown among Parisian connoisseurs of luxury horology. In the final decades of the 18th century and the early decades of the following century, some of his clocks are mentioned as being in the homes of important Parisian collectors. One might cite the clocks that are listed in the posthumous inventory of Philippe-Laurent Joubert, treasurer of the Estates of Languedoc, that of the widow of Joseph-Edouard, Viscount Walsh, that of Charles-Reynard-Laure-Félix de Choiseul-Praslin, Duke de Praslin, that of Jean-Jacques Poupart, Louis XVI’s confessor, that of General Gabriel-Emmanuel de Maulde and that of the widow of Farmer General Denis-Joseph Lalive d’Epinay.

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