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De Lorme à paris”


The signature “De Lorme (or Delorme) à paris” could be that of several clockmakers of that name, active in Paris during the early decades of the 18th century. The most famous among them, Henry-Philippe Delorme (whose name is also spelled “De Lorme”), is mentioned as having a workshop in rue Darnetal in 1718, rue du Bourg l’Abbé in 1740 and rue Greneta from 1746 to 1749. A Juré of the Communauté des horlogers from 1738 to 1742, it seems likely that several clocks mentioned during the 18th century as belonging to important Parisian connoisseurs may be attributed to him, including clocks described in the probate inventory of the widow of Jean Dorigny, formerly officier de la Reine, and in that of the wife of Simon-Charles-Sébastien Bernard de Ballainvilliers, Baron de Ballainvilliers.


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