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Claude Ragot

Ragot à Paris


The signature “Ragot à Paris” is that of Claude Ragot, one of the most important Parisian clockmakers of the second half of the 18th century. After becoming a master on September 10, 1785, he opened a workshop in the rue Saint-Denis, quickly earning a reputation among important Parisian collectors of luxury horology. Several of his clocks are mentioned as belonging to influential collectors, including one example, which appears in the probate inventory of Anne-Gabriel-Henri Bernard, Marquis of Boullainvilliers. A second clock was mentioned in the minutes drawn up when the seals were affixed after the death of Louis-Philippe d’Orléans, the Duke d’Orléans. Another clock by Ragot was mentioned in the list of the clocks of the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne in the Château of Versailles during the Revolution; it had stood for several years in the apartments of the Duchess de Polignac, governess of the Enfants de France and a friend and confidante of Queen Marie-Antoinette.


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