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André-Georges Guiot


André-Georges Guiot (also spelled Guyot) was one of the finest Parisian clockmakers of the Regency period and the early years of the reign of Louis XV. Little is known about his career; it is possible that he worked in Paris for only a short time before moving to the provinces. His work has, however, been very well documented, for he was close to cabinetmaker and sculptor Charles Cressent, for whom he produced many clock movements. Through Cressent’s intermediary Guyot took part in furnishing the homes of the greatest collectors of the early part of the 18th century; several clocks bearing his name were mentioned at the time as belonging to important Parisian connoisseurs. Among them are those described as being in the home of the widow of Olivier du Couedic de Kerdrain, contrôleur de l’Ordre royal de Saint-Louis, in that of Nicolas Judde de Grainville, Grand Maître des eaux et forêts de Soissons, and of Henry-Louis de Barberie de Saint-Contest, intendant de Limoges, as well as in the homes of Antoine-Gaspard Grimod de la Reynière and Charles Savalette de Magnanville.

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