Antique dealer

C hristophe Guérin, born in 1960, is an aficionado of art in all its forms; he is also an admirer of fine mechanisms and a music lover. After graduating from the Janson de Sailly high school, he studied economic science at the University of Paris II. He went on to attend the Neuchâtel Technicum, considered the world's best school of horology at the time. Upon completing his training, he found he had not only obtained the best degrees in clockmaking, he had also absorbed Swiss exactness and precision as philosophies of life. When he took over La Pendulerie in 1985, he acquired his true profession, as a specialist in antique horology. He has run the gallery ever since then, with joy, enthusiasm, and unflagging determination.


Expert clockmaker

A fter obtaining his degree from the Morteau School of Horology in 1978, Stéphane Gagnon travelled throughout France for a decade, finding employment in several watch and jewellery workshops. Settling in Paris, he became interested in antique clocks. In 1989 he joined the team of La Pendulerie and was trained in traditional clock restoration techniques by Christian Poyer, one of the founders of the original shop in the rue de Miromesnil. Becoming director of the workshop after Mr Poyer's retirement, Stéphane shares the gallery's responsibilities with Christophe Guérin. An Expert in the restoration and repair of 18th and 19th century clocks with the Compagnie Nationale des Experts, Stéphane works for important collectors in France and abroad, as well as for embassies and museums. He enjoys sharing his love of antique clocks with collectors and connoisseurs.


Junior Partner

B orn in 1988, Edouard Guérin, the son of Christophe Guérin, pursued secondary studies in England. After several professional experiences in sales and advertising, Edouard joined the family firm. In charge of marketing and organisational development, he brings with him a fresh and contemporary point of view. He will be a vital member of the sales team of the future Rive Gauche boutique.


Chief consultant of the Horology Association of Guangdong, China

B orn in 1964, he attended No. 8 High School in Beijing, then entered Peking University, earning his undergraduate degree in Philosophy. In 1989, he began graduate studies in the Philosophy Department of Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, one of the world’s best philosophy departments. After obtaining his PhD degree in January 1997, Dr. Zhang became a professional mathematician, working at several of the world’s principal institutions. His interest in antique clocks began in 2005, when, as a visiting professor of mathematics at the Paris Ecole Normale Superieure, he discovered La Pendulerie, and began visiting the gallery frequently. He learned much about the history of French clocks and decorative art under the guidance of Christophe Guerin, as well as from Mr. Mikhail Guryev of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. Today he enjoys a reputation as an important expert in antique clocks. He serves as a consultant to private collectors, to the Ancient Clock and Music Instrument Restoration Laboratory of the Hermitage Museum, and, more recently, to the Horology Association of Guangdong Province, P. R., China.