In September 2014, LA PENDULERIE inaugurated a second gallery in the heart of the famous “Carré Rive Gauche”, the world’s last remaining authentic “quartier d’antiquaires”, located near the renowned Louvre Museum and the Museum of Decorative Arts.

LA PENDULERIE invites you to cross the romantic 19th century Seine to discover a quintessential selection of exceptional objects, artfully set against a raw concrete backdrop that sublimates their gilding and compellingly links the contemporary aesthetic with that of the Golden Age of the French decorative arts, when Parisian clockmakers and bronze casters created these remarkable masterpieces.
Located just a short distance from the Elysée Palace in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of the French fashion and luxury quarter that is also home to many world-famous antique dealers, LA PENDULERIE is the ultimate source for antique horology and exceptional decorative bronzes.

LA PENDULERIE offers an exclusive selection of exquisite, rare, and finely executed mantel clocks, cartels, and precision regulators, rigorously chosen for their beauty and authenticity, as well as for their original design and the complexity of their mechanisms.

LA PENDULERIE also features a selection of preeminent art works, including exceptional bronze furnishings such as candlesticks, candelabra, firedogs, bronze-mounted objects and chandeliers, all of which have conserved their original gilding.

LA PENDULERIE’s preferred period ranges over a century and a half, from the middle of the reign of King Louis XIV to the Bourbon restoration (1680-1830). However, certain exceptionally creative and imaginative later works, often made for International Exhibitions or on special request by connoisseurs, are included in LA PENDULERIE’s exclusive selection.

LA PENDULERIE is the only brand to offer such a large, varied, and wide-ranging collection of exceptional clocks; it has become an internationally known reference in the field of French Decorative Arts.

Each year LA PENDULERIE takes part in important international antique shows, alongside other prestigious art merchants. These include the Tefaf in Maastricht, Masterpiece in London, the Armory Show in New York, and the Brafa in Brussels.

On these occasions important new pieces are shown - often for the first time - thus confirming LA PENDULERIE’s unique standing in its own chosen domain. These fairs are privileged settings in which exceptional masterpieces may be discovered.

At the service of the world’s most demanding connoisseurs, LA PENDULERIE has helped create some of the most prestigious private collections, many of which began within its walls; it has thus significantly contributed to Paris’s influence as a cultural and artistic capital.

In 1985, having just completed his studies at the prestigious Technicum Neuchâtelois in Le Locle (Switzerland), Christophe Guérin took over LA PENDULERIE, a well-known restoration workshop for antique clocks then located at 75 rue de Miromesnil in Paris.

Within just a few years, LA PENDULERIE had gained renown, not only among lovers of fine horology who appreciated its technical mastery and expertise in the decorative arts, but also among a wider audience. Soon, thanks to the new owner’s technical mastery and expertise in the field of the decorative arts, it came to be one of the most famous galleries of antique clocks, both in France and abroad.

LA PENDULERIE owes its reputation to the mastery of all the horological skills and crafts, which are carried out under its own roof by exceptional artisans. For 25 years Christophe Guérin has worked hand-in-hand with master horologer Stéphane Gagnon, who is assisted by master artisan Thomas Debuyser, a specialist in antique bronzes. These men, occasionally aided by other fine craftsmen, guarantee the exceptional quality and condition of the pieces offered by LA PENDULERIE. They also carry out restoration work on clocks and decorative bronzes, always with the same care and respect for tradition. When necessary, certain tasks are entrusted to other, equally skilful Parisian artisans.

The excellent reputation of LA PENDULERIE’s restoration workshop has earned it many commissions, both for world-renowned public institutions such as the Paris Musée des Arts et Métiers, and for important private collectors and the general public. LA PENDULERIE welcomes visitors who seek advice on the care of their antiques, or wish to restore an object whose sentimental value may be greater than its actual monetary worth.

In September 2013, Christophe’s son Edouard Guérin joined the team of LA PENDULERIE; his expertise and enthusiasm help guarantee the continuation of this enterprise and its abiding respect for the fundamental rules of exceptional craftsmanship and artistry.