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Sébastien Youf


(1771 - 1850)

Sébastien Youf was one of the most important Parisian cabinetmakers of the early decades of the 19th century. He spent the early part of his career in Italy where he ran a furniture workshop under the patronage of Napoleon’s sister Princess Elisa, who was the Princess de Lucques et de Piombino. After the fall of the Empire, Youf returned to Paris and continued to enjoy great success, taking part in the most important Exhibitions of the Products of French Industry, and receiving many awards. In 1827 he was awarded a bronze medal, but in 1834 he did not receive any distinction, a fact that was lamented by Moléon, a member of the jury, who stated “…this can only be the result of an omission…for M. Youf greatly deserves it …his exhibition is striking…”

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