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Mathias Schüller


(? - 1844)

Mathias Schüller, a clockmaker who was active during the Empire and the Restoration periods, is mentioned by Tardy in the rue Jean Robert in 1812, and the rue Transnonain from 1830 to 1840. Very little is known about him. In the summer of 1844, he died in a rented apartment in Paris at  201, rue Saint-Martin. His probate inventory was drawn up beginning August 22, 1844; in this document he is listed as a clockmaker, but that information is crossed out, suggesting he had recently ceased his professional activity (Archives nationales, Minutier Central des notaires, ET/CX/918). He appears to have gained a good reputation during the course of his career. Certain of his pieces are mentioned during the early years of the 19th century as having been purchased by important Parisian collectors, including the banker Antoine-Scipion Perier and Antoine Roy, King Charles X’s Minister of Finance.

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