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Jacques-Auguste Détour


(1759 - 1829)

Jacques-Auguste Détour (born May 16, 1759) is one of the finest Parisian clockmakers of the last quarter of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. The son of Jean Détour, burgher of Paris, and Marie-Catherine Guillon, he served eight years of apprenticeship in the workshop of Antoine Cronier in February 1776. While not always mentioned in horological encyclopedias and dictionaries, he nevertheless enjoyed a brilliant career; the most important collectors possessed examples of his work. Clocks made by Détour are listed in the early 19th century probate inventories of Mlle de Belleforières de Soyecourt, the wife of Emmanuel-Dieudonné comte de la Tour en Woere, and Xavier-Pierre Dedelay de Blancmesnil.

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