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Bazile-Charles Le Roy

Le Roy & Fils (Paris/London)”

Leroy & Fils Horlogers du Roi

Horological firm

(1765 - 1839)

The firm “Le Roy & Fils” was created in 1828 by Bazile-Charles Le Roy (1765-1839) and his son Charles-Louis Le Roy. They signed as “Leroy & Fils Horlogers du Roi” during the Restoration, being clockmakers of the King Charles X. Upon the death of his father Charles-Louis took over the firm, which was very successful, soon becoming suppliers to the King Louis-Philippe and the Duke d’Orléans (son and heir of Louis-Philippe). In 1845, Charles-Louis sold the company to an employee, Casimir Desfontaines, who continued to run Le Roy & Fils, in 1856 opening a shop at 211-Regent Street in London and taking part in most of the important international exhibitions, winning many prize medals. Named Watchmaker to the Queen of England and to the Emperor of Brazil, he won many honours and in 1883 left the firm to his son Georges Desfontaines.