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Louis-Jacques Vaillant


Louis-Jacques Vaillant is one of the most important Parisian clockmakers of the Empire period. Probably a member of the family of Jacques-François Vaillant, another famous clockmaker, he almost certainly trained in the family workshop on the Quai des Augustins, becoming a maître on February 12, 1787. He soon encountered immediate success with influential Parisian collectors of luxury clockmaking. Tardy mentions his workshop as being in the rue de la Tixéranderie in 1800, and in the rue de la Verrerie from 1812 to 1817. At that time, certain of his clocks were mentioned as being in the collections of some of the most important collectors of the time, including those described in the probate inventories of personalities such as Viscount Charles-Marie-Philippe Huchet de la Bedoyère, Charles-Jean-François de Malon de Bercy and Alexandre-François, Count de La Rochefoucauld.