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Claude Mathieu

Mathieu fecit


The signature “Mathieu fecit” is that of Claude Mathieu, known as “Mathieu the elder”, one of the most important Parisian clockmakers of the second half of the 18th century. The brother of clockmaker Edme Mathieu, known as “Mathieu the younger”, he became a master on July 31, 1754. His workshop is recorded in the rue Neuve des Capucins in 1754 and the rue Saint-Honoré as of 1757 (see J-D. Augarde, Les ouvriers du Temps, Genève, 1996, p. 374). He quickly gained renown among knowledgeable collectors of luxury horology, especially the Count de La Marck; several of his clocks were mentioned as having belonged to important collectors. During the Revolution, he sat on the jury entrusted with resolving questions regarding the new Revolutionary time system.